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  • Nextcloud via Proxy on unRAID

    The above are two of my favorite software packages at the moment.  So powerful and I’m very content to run it on my own hardware, in house!  In order to get it to work though, I needed one more great piece to the puzzle, NginxProxyManager. There is a great video by spaceinvader one describing setting […]

  • Mounting Cloud Drives

    Cloud drives are everywhere. OneDrive, Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Box, and a dozen others I haven’t remembered.  You can create your own with OwnCloud or even just WebDAV if you need. But the problem with having a half-dozen cloud drives (and we all do) is a half-dozen sync apps to interface with them.  That can go […]

  • Steam Controller

    The visible and eminently tactile part of the Steam hardware experience is the controller. Steam took a leap and designed something significantly different from the standard twin stick/d-pad “standard”. The fundamental reason for doing this is that Valve is designing a controller for their platform and not for a subset of games that are already suited […]

  • My Keyboard Journey

    As a professional developer, I spend a lot of time with my hands on a keyboard. Many many years ago, I was privileged to use an IBM Model M keyboard.  I really enjoyed it, but trends changed.  Microsoft came out with a fancy looking ergonomic keyboard and I had the chance to try it out. […]

  • iDon’tCloud

    The recent update of iOS and OS X brought along Apple’s new cash grab photo organizing scheme framework.  To be honest though, it is very slick.  It makes photo storage and access very secure and ubiquitous.  You don’t need to worry about where your photos are and you (probably) don’t need to worry about having […]

  • Pebbled

    When the Apple Watch was released, I was highly intrigued. I’m an on-again off-again watch wearer. I tend to lean to analog watches, though, something about the “liquid” display of time is very interesting to me. My last watch was a cool analog Timex chronograph. It had the capability to work as a stopwatch but […]

  • Hack Attack

    Someone mentioned they got a bounce from my domain’s email. I went to take a look at the error and discovered a couple of hosts trying to brute force login to my SMTP server. Some quick config changes to create a blacklist, and a fail2ban install and it has stopped now. Lesson 1: check your […]

  • Android… stuff.

    So I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the Google I/O keynote.  I just noticed the tweets. One thing I did notice was the Samsung Gear Live watch – that thing actually looks decent. The problem is a) Samsung and b) Google. Samsung is of course just annoying.  I’m certain 6 months from now […]

  • Surface Pro 3

    I’m not sure I have an opinion on this thing, just because it is so significantly out of my working style.  That shouldn’t stop me posting though! It’s pretty clear that MS doesn’t get the tablet market.  When they seem to say “hey we’ve been making these slates for 13 years now, let’s do the […]

  • Bad Fleksy.

    FYI “Fleksy Free” on the Google play store is actually “Fleksy Trial”.  Way to misrepresent your app, folks. I’m back to SwiftKey. Update: looks like Swiftkey is just as bad.  I didn’t realize it because I had the freebie from Amazon. Guys, can’t you just be up front about this stuff instead of wasting our […]