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  • DSLR Dashboard

    I referred to DSLR Dashboard a while ago by at the time it did not run on my Kobo Arc, just our dog-slow LG phone. Well, it looks like the latest version runs! Huzzah! I had to download it directly from their website, and not use the Google play store. Totally worth it. I wonder […]

  • The Facts

    Two spaces.

  • ToDo done

    I went on a little while ago about ToDo apps, and finally decided to jump on Appigo’s ToDo for the Mac.  It’s OK.  It has a few nice features but it’s missing things like adding tasks easily from Mail, or a nice quick systemwide interface using a hotkey. They do have a systemwide interface, but […]

  • North Sydney Bound

    Well, we’re on the way to North Sydney for the Kingdom Hall build. We’re going to take the long way around so that we can see the Cabot Trail at least once. Tina is excited to go see whales on the way, too. We got ourselves a waterproof & ruggedized camera for the occasion, hopefully […]