Technology changes rapidly, it can be both thrilling and exhausting to ride the edge of that wave.  A large part of it is connected with the cash related to keeping on that edge.  However, the free stuff that can keep you up to date can also demand huge amounts of time and energy.  Finding that balance is challenging but can also be very rewarding.

For general purpose hardware, I’m oh so close to going entirely Apple in my environment.  Yes there is a price premium, but the headaches are significantly minimized.  It really does seem like time is money. My server(s) will likely always be Linux, because for the fundamental tasks of storage, web, and even VM serving, it seems to provide that power and reliability I need.

As far as software, I have always had the drive to create rather than just consume. Thus my interest in programming.

I am continuing my self-education by means of many books.  The tech world has changed even more since the good ole days of the 2000s, an even larger percentage of code is either server-side or mobile. The old-fashioned thick client is still around but becoming more and more unwelcome. Every application seems to need a companion of some kind.  I’m setting some of my focus on that end.  To that end I am brushing up on:

  • MySQL Server
  • Intermediate/Advanced Javascript
  • jQuery
  • iOS Programming
  • Objective-C (primarily for iOS programming)

Things seem to be going well so far, at least as far as the education aspect, if not yet the application aspect!