ToDo done

I went on a little while ago about ToDo apps, and finally decided to jump on Appigo’s ToDo for the Mac.  It’s OK.  It has a few nice features but it’s missing things like adding tasks easily from Mail, or a nice quick systemwide interface using a hotkey.

They do have a systemwide interface, but it’s not a nice one.  It just allows you to enter the title of the task but that’s it.

I may seem negative, I’m not, at least not totally. It has great syncing with ToodleDo which is a biggie (they’re missing the Status field, which could be important).  I’ve simplified my lists considerably because of its design, and I actually think that’s a good thing.  Now I have one for work and one for personal, and use contexts to separate them.

I made a context for work called “Analysis” and I hit that one at the beginning of the day, it’s really seemed to have helped.  I move things to a “Contact” context if it gets to that next step.

Tags are important here but not sure if they translate well to ToodleDo and the iPhone apps I use.  I’ll think that over.



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