Android… stuff.

So I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the Google I/O keynote.  I just noticed the tweets.

One thing I did notice was the Samsung Gear Live watch – that thing actually looks decent. The problem is a) Samsung and b) Google.

Samsung is of course just annoying.  I’m certain 6 months from now they’ll have 6 different models of the same watch, with varying levels of support for bleeding edge technology, most cool but questionable in their real-world utility.

Google is getting creepily intertwined in everyone’s lives and that would be the big reason I’d want to stay away from that device, despite how neat I thought it worked and looked.  The Moto 360 looks 100 times better but still… Google.

I’m not sure how I would solve that if I was Google.  I’m not sure they can… they have just put themselves in a position where they can’t be trusted.  To tell you the truth, as a techie, I am a little disappointed in that.  I miss the “don’t be evil” Google.

I am excited to hear about Word compatibility in Docs, that should prove interesting.  I want to see what that actually means.

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