Category: Programming

  • REST Authentication

    I did some research the other day to secure my REST API using The Slim framework. I found a tidy little way to force HTTP authentication (basic, in this case) using this article as well as the PHP manual. I get the client to provide the user name and password, then I can look up […]

  • OmniFocused

    Last week there was a remarkable sale on OmniFocus, both for the Mac and the iPad (but not the iPhone for some reason). I had been waiting for an opportunity like this so I leapt at the opportunity to add to my vast collection of todo/task managers. I think this is the one I really […]

  • iPad Coding

    I have decided to field-test the iPad as a work tool on our trip to the US. I will be definitely cut off from 3G, and will have only occasional Wi-Fi (unless the bus has it, in which case I’ll be laughing). I bought Textastic on a sale today and it’s very impressive with its […]

  • Apple to ToodleDo

    I already had one script that would send the current message to ToodleDo, but I wanted to adjust it somewhat, so I could flag messages instead, and have them exported, either on a schedule or by hotkey.  I reserved the yellow flag in for “New Tasks” (you can rename the flags in the sidebar […]

  • MVC Frameworks (PHP)

    I’m on a learning quest again.  This time to get a solid PHP framework under my belt.  I am installing the framework and running the quick start tutorials for each of them, if I get that far.  This is what I have right now (keep in mind my investigation is in progress): CakePHP Pros: Very […]

  • MacHeist has an iOS app

    MacHeist, notably using “The HEIST” as their new tagline, has just today released an iOS app.  I was at first put off that it was 99 cents, and not free, but I realized it almost certainly leads to some serious savings in something else.  If only I knew what that something else was, to know […]

  • Another Javascript book

    I decided I had better complete my Javascript trilogy with the first book.  (The other two are Javascript: the Good Parts and Javascript Patterns) This is a major book for a major language.  I think I agree with this guy to a point, that Javascript is possibly the most important language right now.  It’s weird […]

  • iPhone Programming & Objective C

    A couple of weeks ago I started down a long & twisty path, by reading about iPhone programming.  I first bought the eBook to the right, but put off starting to read it until I had worked my way through a bit of a backlog. In the meantime, I discovered the great iTunes U program […]

  • New JavaScript book

    I got my new Javascript book delivered yesterday.  My first thought was that it was quite thin (it only has about 150 pages including the appendices and index)!  I took a look at the first section, and it’s quite thorough; the author himself states that it is quite information-dense, and that it will require a […]

  • Style tweaks

    First, I want to overlay the title over top of the header image. Next, I’d like to add a third widget column.  Why are there so few 3-column themes?