Last week there was a remarkable sale on OmniFocus, both for the Mac and the iPad (but not the iPhone for some reason). I had been waiting for an opportunity like this so I leapt at the opportunity to add to my vast collection of todo/task managers. I think this is the one I really wanted all along.

The forethought and design is second to none, though the record complexity is actually quite a bit simpler than any other app I tried – there is no status, no tags (at all!), and only one context per item. Where the genius is is in the perspectives: Click on a toolbar and show only your current context (or a subgroup).

I ended up getting the whole suite, across the board.  After a few weeks of using it, I am still suitably impressed.  It works spectacularly for separating work and personal tasks.  I still haven’t gotten the guts to turn on location-based tasks yet though, I love my battery life too much.  Maybe I’ll try it next week or so.