Category: Mac

  • OmniFocused

    Last week there was a remarkable sale on OmniFocus, both for the Mac and the iPad (but not the iPhone for some reason). I had been waiting for an opportunity like this so I leapt at the opportunity to add to my vast collection of todo/task managers. I think this is the one I really […]

  • Apple to ToodleDo

    I already had one script that would send the current message to ToodleDo, but I wanted to adjust it somewhat, so I could flag messages instead, and have them exported, either on a schedule or by hotkey.  I reserved the yellow flag in for “New Tasks” (you can rename the flags in the sidebar […]

  • MacHeist has an iOS app

    MacHeist, notably using “The HEIST” as their new tagline, has just today released an iOS app.  I was at first put off that it was 99 cents, and not free, but I realized it almost certainly leads to some serious savings in something else.  If only I knew what that something else was, to know […]