Category: Programming

  • Creating an ACF filter on the WordPress Admin Page

    WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is fantastic, allows you a simple way to add data and metadata to each post, but by default it doesn’t display or allow you to query on it. I wanted a type to allow me to select different types for a post – specifically for internal review status of all […]

  • iTunes Without the iTunes Part

    I have been archiving all of my purchased media for quite some time now, I like the flexibility of a digital copy, but also flexibility to view it how and where I choose (i.e. Plex).  That usually means a lot of disc ripping, and I have set up a decent system and workflow to do […]

  • Managing Encrypted files on Amazon Cloud Drive

    I have implemented a file system on Amazon Cloud Drive for a lot of media with the great acd_cli.  To protect my privacy, I have run this through an encryption layer encfs.  My writeup will follow. A problem I was trying to solve in my mind though, is how to manage – rename and delete […]

  • Clone a Clone

    So I had yet another WD MyBook die on me a couple of days ago.  And I still went out and bought another one (what was Einstein’s definition of insanity, again?)… This one was only two years old but these things are still quite cheap and very convenient to get.  Maybe someday when I have more […]

  • More hack attempts

    After my last experience, I checked my logs and noticed quite a load of failed attempts on my mail server.  It looks like a brute force script kiddie attack, which I’m pretty sure will fail on my machine. Still, I want to kick out these morons.  So after some research, I found fail2ban.  The installation […]

  • Hack Attack

    Someone mentioned they got a bounce from my domain’s email. I went to take a look at the error and discovered a couple of hosts trying to brute force login to my SMTP server. Some quick config changes to create a blacklist, and a fail2ban install and it has stopped now. Lesson 1: check your […]

  • Canada domain name registry scam

    I have been frustrated with this  Domain Scam for a long time now. I have a few domain names, and I happen to be in Canada.  There is a company called “Domain Registry of Canada” that mails out official-looking envelopes (it looks like a government-issue brown windowed envelope) to everyone that has WHOIS information indicating they […]

  • Great VPS Experience

    I have been using shared hosting from 1 & 1 for a few years now. No big complaints (except their domain management page is terrible) but I needed a bit more flexibility. I suppose shared hosting with its inherent limitations helps you develop a certain way, but I wanted a bit more. For one, I […]

  • Backbone dynamic elements

    I recently discovered Backbone’s setElement function. What it allowed me to do was dynamically create a view’s container in Javascript and transfer/assign the view and its events to the new element. Using jQuery within the view initialize event: this.el = $(‘<div id=”\’newView\'”></div>’); this.setElement(this.el); $(‘#content’).append(this.el); I manipulated the this.el attribute directly, without using an interim variable, […]

  • iTunes (Windows) Podcast fix

    iTunes is pretty decent for Podcasts. In fact, Lifehacker readers rated it the best.  However, it has some shortcomings, to be sure. The one that annoyed me the most is if you have a RSS feed of say, PDFs or ePubs like the magazines at, you can subscribe in iTunes whereby it will happily auto-download […]