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  • Mountain Lion

    I installed the latest OS X release, not much sticks out as significantly different.  Little things I noticed: Safari 6 Offline reading list – I only use Mac desktops, so no big deal here.  I also use Pocket for my iOS devices. No RSS anymore – reading, I don’t care but I really miss extracting […]

  • ToDo done

    I went on a little while ago about ToDo apps, and finally decided to jump on Appigo’s ToDo for the Mac.  It’s OK.  It has a few nice features but it’s missing things like adding tasks easily from Mail, or a nice quick systemwide interface using a hotkey. They do have a systemwide interface, but […]


    MacHeist is happening again!  Check out and it should make (very little) sense.  It’s a sort of puzzle game with some super software rewards connected with it.  It usually ends up with a software bundle for sale, but not until after a ton of stuff gets given away for free!