OS X Mavericks and iOS 7

Most people are talking about the new look of iOS 7, but isn’t that why Jony (and the pre-show text) basically said that design is about more than looks?

I got a lot more excited about the internals of the new OSes this time.  I really enjoyed Snow Leopard’s advances, and actually Lion brought some important stuff to the table.  It looks like they’re taking another good look at OS efficiency and that will benefit everybody.  Same with iOS 7, Apple adamantly refused to allow global multitasking until now – so what’s new about their implementation now?  Did you notice that the clock icon shows the actual time… and even the second hand moves?  There has to be some hot realtime technology going on under those flat icons.

The only disappointment I have is that the iPad Retina (3rd gen) is excluded from any of the features (i.e. AirDrop).  That’s a little too soon to begin to orphan that one, I think.

Now we wait for the NDA to lift, and for Ars Technica’s killer reviews.


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  1. Agree totally on this disappointment of iPad3, and even iPhone4S not having Airdrop.  From the get-go the iPad3 had seemed like an orphan–6 months of official sales is unacceptable even for Apple!

    • I don’t get the technical reason why.  At first I thought it was Bluetooth 4.0 but it’s on there.  The 4S even has that!

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