Mountain Lion

I installed the latest OS X release, not much sticks out as significantly different.  Little things I noticed:

Safari 6

  • Offline reading list – I only use Mac desktops, so no big deal here.  I also use Pocket for my iOS devices.
  • No RSS anymore – reading, I don’t care but I really miss extracting the RSS from the page
  • Wide tabs.  I don’t like ’em since I used to double-click in the empty area for a new tab.
  • Fast!
  • Downloads jump to the dock’s download stack (if visible).  It’s blatantly obvious where your download goes.
  • I like the little tab overview feature, but it really should use coverflow.


  • Email data detectors seem broken.  e.g. an email that contains [email protected] will highlight only
  • Mouse-selecting a message doesn’t change the background, just puts a rectangle around the message line.  Keyboard selection does as before.  Weird.
  • Now non-beta.  Seems to track presence much better.
  • You have to relocate the auto-accept script, since it doesn’t refer to itself as iChat internally, yet.
  • Notifications.


  • App Store fixed those stupid non-default centered window buttons.
  • Software update now launches App Store.  Weird.  We’ll see how this works with things like printer driver updates.
  • Launchpad now has a search field, works GREAT. If you only use Alfred/QS/Launchbar for program launching, you may be able to use this instead.  It’s fast.
  • Notification center… It’s OK. Nothing really uses it yet, so I still need Growl.  If Growl will forward stuff to NC and integrate Prowl then I’ll probably finally buy it from the MAS. That will get around the stupid requirement that only MAS apps can use NC.  (See addendum for Messages above)
  • I like the smoked glass dock.
  • Web sharing is removed from the Sharing pref pane.  I guess OS X Server is only $20. This is free though.
  • AirPlay mirroring might be neat, I have no AppleTV to test it though.  I want to know if games will work well.  I’d like to drag over a wireless mouse/kb/gamepad and play Mac (or Parallels) games on the big screen.
  • The two-finger “rest” on the trackpad is helpful, it shows the scrollbar position.
  • Expanding scrollbars on mouseover will probably be nice.  We’ll see how it works out

More to come, I’m sure… Bottom line: It’s no Snow Leopard, but it is a better version of Lion.  Get it if you can.