Author: Jonathan

  • Cloudflare. Just do it.

    Cloudflare is a front end to your typical web site – it offers a layer of protection to your site by concealing the IP address, by intercepting requests and in general dealing with useless slag of people who like to hack sites.  I have no connection to Cloudflare, I am not even a [paying] customer!  […]

  • Helios One – Cheap DIY Synth

    Helios One – Cheap DIY Synth

    The idea of building a DIY synth is certainly not new, I’m sure you can easily find projects in magazines going back 50 years or so, but it required good familiarity with discrete components. While that really hasn’t changed all that much, we now have some shortcuts – like having a small and easy to […]

  • Creating an ACF filter on the WordPress Admin Page

    WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is fantastic, allows you a simple way to add data and metadata to each post, but by default it doesn’t display or allow you to query on it. I wanted a type to allow me to select different types for a post – specifically for internal review status of all […]

  • Nextcloud via Proxy on unRAID

    The above are two of my favorite software packages at the moment.  So powerful and I’m very content to run it on my own hardware, in house!  In order to get it to work though, I needed one more great piece to the puzzle, NginxProxyManager. There is a great video by spaceinvader one describing setting […]

  • Hacked Again

    My site was hacked again the other day – this is common enough for WordPress sites.  If you’re not on top of it you could have it hacked, pretty much automatically. This part I knew.  It still got hacked, and I learned a few more things. 1 Back up your site!  This could mean a […]

  • TuneFab Support

    I wrote about TuneFab m4v converter a while back, mostly to get a discount.  Bottom line, it worked quite well, though the UI was a bit janky. Well, I’ve been using it a bit since then, and yup the UI is still a bit janky.  No change there.  However, I have had a few occasions […]

  • iOS 13 + Regular Game Controllers

    I have hated the MFi program for game controllers for a long time now.  Cheap and expensive controllers for a handful of games.  There was no valid tech reason for Apple to restrict their OS to their own protocol for this!  It was a blatant cash grab. Thankfully, that has changed in iOS 13.  Now […]

  • Password Keeper

    I’ve been a huge fan of 1Password since the beginning. I bought several versions and upgrades for multiple machines and never regretted it. Something happened with version 7 though, and I haven’t been as happy with the change. What happened was subscriptions.  Now, I have a number of software subscriptions, very very few make me […]

  • iTunes Without the iTunes Part

    I have been archiving all of my purchased media for quite some time now, I like the flexibility of a digital copy, but also flexibility to view it how and where I choose (i.e. Plex).  That usually means a lot of disc ripping, and I have set up a decent system and workflow to do […]

  • M-Audio StudioPro 3 repair

    First of all, let me say “hi there, Googlers!” I owned the M-Audio StudioPro 3 speakers for quite a few years before they started to fail on me.  They were not too bad, gave decent sound at reasonable desktop volume.  In the last year or so, the right speaker conked out.  Well, it played, but […]