The look of iOS 7

I agree for the most part with this post. I’m not crazy about the icons – I particularly dislike the settings icon.

Me: “I don’t like the settings icon”
Tina: “Yeah I preferred the gears better”
Me: “It is gears, see?”
Tina: “It looks more like the fan in the back of a computer”

But, as I posted earlier, I don’t care that much about how it looks.  I’ll get by with this, maybe they’ll fix it in the next version, or possibly even the release version.

I do understand the static weather icon though; updating that one would require regular network access.  Better “a stopped clock”, and all that.

(I was going to comment in that article’s discussion thread, but at over 1200 comments as of this post, it would have been pointless.  Probably 900+ smug Android user posts too)







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