Apple Watch

I, like others, was drooling when Apple introduced their new wearable.  They made the competition look horrendous.  (As a side note, when I first saw the Galaxy Gear S in pictures, I was excited – it too looked great, and not Android… until I saw the actual size.  It’s absurd.)

They pitched this at everyone.  It’s not a “geek watch” and another model is a “fitness watch” and another model is a “cool watch”.  They all have factors of each.  Sure, they have different versions but nothing’s stopping you from exercising with the Edition… uh… edition (that name!).  Or wearing the Sport edition with a suit.

The digital crown is one of those obvious things that nobody thought to use.  Why did it take Apple to think of this?  Because they’re never in a panic to release something.  They don’t iterate like Microsoft (used to) or in the extreme, Samsung.  Can you believe Samsung is (as of publication) on their sixth generation of smart watches?  Have you seen anyone wearing one?  Wanna know why?

Of course I want one, but the price is high.  They “start at” $350US.  Is that the Sport one with a basic rubber(ish) band?  What if you want the Sapphire crystal version?  How much will bands cost?  This is pretty much the definition of a luxury item.  You can get a pretty awesome regular watch for $350.  Are the digital additions worth the premium over a decent analog watch – one that, remember, will still be worth a respectable percentage of that amount (if not all of it) 5 years from now?

I won’t be getting one, but not because I disagree with them in any shape or form.  I’ll see what the next product cycle or two brings around.

Now, was that a working model that Tim Cook was wearing?  If so, I’m sure Apple execs can wear them in public now as test cases and get some real-life issues resolved even before release.

If you read this far, are you wondering what I think about Android Wear?  I won’t have Google touching my person or knowing my physical status or location at all times, thanks.  The “Ok Google” thing on the Android watches creeps me out.



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