Office for iPhone

So Microsoft finally released Office for iPhone.  Even two years ago I would have cared, but I can’t get excited enough to investigate it beyond skimming a few announcement pages.

Maybe it’s related to the fact that recently I have been so disgusted with Word for Mac beachballing when I try to do something complicated like selecting text.  I switched to Mou for some of my documents.

Word Processors used to be quite fast.  Word 2000 is very fast, and still quite featureful.  Anyone remember DeScribe?  Something’s gone horribly wrong, and I don’t want that kind of wrong on my mobile device.







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  1. Arlen Carlson

    I remember Describe, fondly.  Except I still have some vital docs saved in it…including some early public talk stuff.  Guess I may have to install a copy on an old machine some time and run some conversions to a common format.

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