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jQuery book finished

I finished my jQuery book (at right)

jQuery Pocket Reference

What a great book!  It was much more than a simple functional reference for jQuery, but actually walked through practical implementations of each category of functions.  I learned a lot more from this than I did by reading through Rebecca Murphey’s jQuery book.  (Though to be fair, that is also a very good book, I just found its scheme of some exercise solutions that needed information not taught in the material quite frustrating).

I have already modified some code in a WordPress plugin using the knowledge I’ve gained so far, and I intend to put some of this to use in a mobile web app as well.

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Snack: Dogfood

Well hello.

I am finally setting up this blog, not because I really need to share my thoughts with anyone, but because I need more practical WordPress experience.  Unfortunately that means I will have to include content as well as code.  Hope it is a) entertaining b) informative or c) nutritional for all of you.