Games Shopping

PSN Plus

I got a 50% off deal on a 3-month subscription to Playstation Plus the other day. There was one or two freebies that I was interested in (Quantum Conundrum!). I discovered that I again have access to games I downloaded when I had a free trial a year ago or so. That tells me if I let a subscription lapse and pick it up again, I get my freebies back! Very nice.

It was hard to find this information out, now I know first-hand.


SimCity 4

I picked up SimCity 4 Deluxe for $5 the other day. What a bargain! This is a really cool and deep game. Of course I started out with a city called “Tinatown”.

The Road Rage expansion is cool too, you can drive around in your city on a few various missions, though they are a little repetitive.

I found and installed a mod/plugin called NAM that adds a ton of cool traffic and road options that make the game much more intelligent. There are a whole bunch of highway and overpass options I haven’t even glanced at yet.