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  • Creating an ACF filter on the WordPress Admin Page

    WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is fantastic, allows you a simple way to add data and metadata to each post, but by default it doesn’t display or allow you to query on it. I wanted a type to allow me to select different types for a post – specifically for internal review status of all […]

  • Canada domain name registry scam

    I have been frustrated with this  Domain Scam for a long time now. I have a few domain names, and I happen to be in Canada.  There is a company called “Domain Registry of Canada” that mails out official-looking envelopes (it looks like a government-issue brown windowed envelope) to everyone that has WHOIS information indicating they […]

  • Backbone dynamic elements

    I recently discovered Backbone’s setElement function. What it allowed me to do was dynamically create a view’s container in Javascript and transfer/assign the view and its events to the new element. Using jQuery within the view initialize event: this.el = $(‘<div id=”\’newView\'”></div>’); this.setElement(this.el); $(‘#content’).append(this.el); I manipulated the this.el attribute directly, without using an interim variable, […]

  • REST Authentication

    I did some research the other day to secure my REST API using The Slim framework. I found a tidy little way to force HTTP authentication (basic, in this case) using this article as well as the PHP manual. I get the client to provide the user name and password, then I can look up […]

  • MVC Frameworks (PHP)

    I’m on a learning quest again.  This time to get a solid PHP framework under my belt.  I am installing the framework and running the quick start tutorials for each of them, if I get that far.  This is what I have right now (keep in mind my investigation is in progress): CakePHP Pros: Very […]

  • Another Javascript book

    I decided I had better complete my Javascript trilogy with the first book.  (The other two are Javascript: the Good Parts and Javascript Patterns) This is a major book for a major language.  I think I agree with this guy to a point, that Javascript is possibly the most important language right now.  It’s weird […]

  • New JavaScript book

    I got my new Javascript book delivered yesterday.  My first thought was that it was quite thin (it only has about 150 pages including the appendices and index)!  I took a look at the first section, and it’s quite thorough; the author himself states that it is quite information-dense, and that it will require a […]

  • Style tweaks

    First, I want to overlay the title over top of the header image. Next, I’d like to add a third widget column.  Why are there so few 3-column themes?

  • jQuery book finished

    I finished my jQuery book (at right) What a great book!  It was much more than a simple functional reference for jQuery, but actually walked through practical implementations of each category of functions.  I learned a lot more from this than I did by reading through Rebecca Murphey’s jQuery book.  (Though to be fair, that […]

  • Snack: Dogfood

    Well hello. I am finally setting up this blog, not because I really need to share my thoughts with anyone, but because I need more practical WordPress experience.  Unfortunately that means I will have to include content as well as code.  Hope it is a) entertaining b) informative or c) nutritional for all of you.