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New JavaScript book

Book CoverI got my new Javascript book delivered yesterday.  My first thought was that it was quite thin (it only has about 150 pages including the appendices and index)!  I took a look at the first section, and it’s quite thorough; the author himself states that it is quite information-dense, and that it will require a few readings to get it all.

I can’t say that I really like the railroad diagrams for describing the syntax of the language as much as I’d like more example code.  I suppose the diagrams are more inclusive, they just seem a little excessive for what information they provide.

Yes, this is an incredibly terse book.  Some rather hefty topics are given a few lines of discussion.  Not that this is terrible, but it makes for a slow read.  He establishes a few helper functions & methods to allow you to do certain tasks a lot easier, such as easier object creation and inheritance.  These functions are referred to later on in the book as if they were parts of the core language, so you really need to know both the book and the core language very well.

I can see how the techniques in this book would help a developer build quite complex applications in JavaScript. Many would reject that idea as foolish but considering what companies like Google have been able to provide using this language show that with some ingenuity and a whole lot of determination, you can create some remarkable things.

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Style tweaks

First, I want to overlay the title over top of the header image.

Next, I’d like to add a third widget column.  Why are there so few 3-column themes?

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WordPress configuration

I need to figure out the following:

Is there a way to blend pages and posts together nicely on the site, so that I don’t have to configure only posts to see them on the main page?  I would like to make a menu that will show me maybe the latest five or so, but allow me to dig down further.

I know I can do it with PHP, but I want to know if there’s a configuration way to do it.

I found something.  Create a blank page and in the “Static page” section of Settings – Reading, choose the blank posts page to view the posts.

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jQuery book finished

I finished my jQuery book (at right)

jQuery Pocket Reference

What a great book!  It was much more than a simple functional reference for jQuery, but actually walked through practical implementations of each category of functions.  I learned a lot more from this than I did by reading through Rebecca Murphey’s jQuery book.  (Though to be fair, that is also a very good book, I just found its scheme of some exercise solutions that needed information not taught in the material quite frustrating).

I have already modified some code in a WordPress plugin using the knowledge I’ve gained so far, and I intend to put some of this to use in a mobile web app as well.

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Snack: Dogfood

Well hello.

I am finally setting up this blog, not because I really need to share my thoughts with anyone, but because I need more practical WordPress experience.  Unfortunately that means I will have to include content as well as code.  Hope it is a) entertaining b) informative or c) nutritional for all of you.