iWork for iCloud Beta

I just got to try it out. It’s… OK.  Definitely nicer looking than Google’s Docs offering, with some more conversion and graphics options, for sure, but some things elude me.  In Pages, for instance:

  • Tabs/margins? Dragging or clicking on the ruler does nothing.
  • Columns as shown on this page don’t seem to be possible.
  • Editing or creating paragraph styles is MIA, also highlighted on that same page.

Maybe they’re just disabled for the beta.  That’s fine and I don’t expect a lot from this product at this point.

What I do expect, in the near future is some news on whether iWork ’09 is the last of its kind.  Should I buy Pages now or wait?  I am very pleased with the iPad version but I want quite a bit more than this web app will offer me on the desktop.

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