Gunnars Glasses

I got myself some Gunnars glasses on a rather good sale the other day, after being a bit curious about them. I use a computer all day, every day, and I want to both protect my eyes and maximize their use.

They’re not the ideal shape I would have preferred (I would have preferred a drop in the corners rather than a rise), but there was only one in the store and I couldn’t even try them on before buying.

Finally found suitable lighting
Maximizing my cranium

They have a very slight near-focus tweak to them (+.2) so they are designed purely for close-focus work.  That, together with the yellow tint makes the screen significantly more clear.

The yellow tint isn’t dramatic, it only seems to do as designed and mute the intense blues that are a fundamental part of LED and fluorescent light.  It is a more satisfying adjustment than changing the colour temperature for my monitor.  This would be especially dramatic if in an environment lighted primarily by standard fluorescents. I have warm-toned CFLs in my work area so although I already have nicer light in general, my monitor is kinda shocking in contrast.

They are very light and comfortable, it is easy to wear them all day, in fact in the last couple of days when I sat down to work I found myself squinting at the monitor until I put the glasses on. It definitely made my eyes more relaxed.

Would I pay full price for these? I doubt it, unless I was really flush and maybe if I was working in a more “sterile” environment than home. They are definitely worth what I paid, though, and I compare them to a quality (and stylish) set of sunglasses.