Studio Six AudioTools

I finally broke down and got this app, as I figure I will be needing it in a little while.  It’s quite an extensive app, much more than the RTA I was expecting.  It has A- and C- Weighting (as well as none) for the RTA, as well as peaks and average SPL displays and noise curve overlays.  I think that’s quite cool and could be useful.

Also a simple SPL meter which comes in handy.  There is an add-on for a SPL history graph. Out of all of the addons, I think that one would be most useful.  Alas, it’s $10.  Which, if you stop and think about it, is not expensive at all for pro audio analysis equipment.  Still more than I would like to spend at the moment.

There’s also an audio oscilloscope which I don’t think is going to be as necessary for PA work as it is for music gear analysis…

Lots of audio calculators are included, I have no need for them at the moment but I like to have them available.